Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.65

Queries go as a breeze with new "Columns Auto Adjust" functionality! Also it is comfortable to clean up output from duplicates with "Clean Duplicates" button in the Filter Options. Furthermore, because of the installation improvement your MS Excel sheet with favorite MSI queries won't be overwritten or removed any more.

Release Notes

  1. Remove Duplicates function in Filter Options that removes duplicate entries according to the the Filter Columns;
  2. Columns auto adjust - number of output columns automatically adjusted to the query output (could be disabled in the filter options);
  3. Option buttons now have double functionality - click is utilized to trigger prioritized item (mentioned in the tip);
  4. Output columns now start from A - this saves space;
  5. x64 VSTO redistributable added to the installation;
  6. In this version additional instance of the Windows Installer Query Tool installed instead of the upgrade. Please uninstall old version when it won't be needed.

Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.65 - Download

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