Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.82


Experiment with automation! This is a major upgrade which supports batch query processing and logging. Try your MSI SELECT and UPDATE queries in batch! Also includes some important updates as result of the feedback. As a nice bonus - GUID generator, encoder and decoder in "MSI Toolbox" ribbon for component search in the registry together with some MSI update related tasks.

Release Notes

  1. Update and Insert behavior corrected
  2. Logging of generated GUIDs
  3. "Adjust Query Sheet Cleanup for Batch" function added
  4. Multiple UI and logging corrections
  5. "Exception Details" renamed to "Query History" now and contains log of your queries
  6. New tab "MSI Toolbox": Guid generation and coder decoder for components search in the registry and other purposes
  7. "Query Batch" and batch functionality. Multiple queries could be executed now in the sequence.

Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.82 - Download

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