Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.60

This is the more significant update of the Windows Installer Query Tool. It improves usability in general and better adjusted to the bigger scope of the real life use cases.

Don't forget to backup sheet with your queries collection before the upgrade! Installer will be improved with this functionality in the future releases.

Release Notes

  1. Better grouping of MSI Database and MSI Query ribbons;
  2. Query length in the combobox now can be up to 1024 characters;
  3. Some UI controls moved to "Options" combo button;
  4. Installation target directory changed to the "C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Windows Installer Query Tool\" - now you able to save results directly in to the sheet after the query;
  5. Ability to execute query from the currently selected cell;
  6. Some new queries in the Source Data tab.

Windows Installer Query Tool - Version 1.60

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